🌷 Before becoming a UX Designer, I did a few things: I studied Literature/English, I worked as a teacher and as a proofreader in educational publishing houses. After that, I studied Interior Design, and worked as a decoration consultant. Here I started to understand how design can solve problems and still contribute to well-being through comfort, ergonomics, usability and aesthetics.

💫 And then I decided to be a UX Designer, where I could gather all my training background, and also develop other passions that I always had, such as illustration, digital design, books, writing and even teaching.

📕 Besides loving helping people to have a little more comfort, well-being and joy in life (and that goes for work and personal relationships), I love passing on my knowledge. I like to write articles and tell about things I learned in my life as a designer, to share my experiences and life lessons.

🎨 I have a lot of fun doing things that inspire me and instigate my creativity. I love creating designs that speak more of the things I love: books, coffee, wine. I love drawing people I love and/or inspire me.

But not only design lives the designer. I love singing, skating, playing Super Mario World and cooking vegan food. You can always find me with a cup of coffee and looking for a kitten to cuddle.

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